The Widmark Look


  • 15.25 x 19.25
  • Signed - Numbered as sold
I started this project in Nov 2012 because I was a Richard Widmark fan and knew he grew up in Princeton IL. I did a lot of research and wrote the biography as the art layout developed. The journey will be my likely reward. I expect that few younger folks even know who this very solid actor was or are even familiar with his movies. He always delivered. I was encouraged to do this by Jim Dunn, another Widmark fan. I hope the work helps bring about a new and larger interest of his work in films and the way he led his life. I'll donate part of any profits to a local institution that I think is in step with me.

"The Widmark Look" print comes with a new biography of his life in Princeton and his film career depicted in my art. The portrait portion of the art is my idea for the moment when the actor has to chose between two paths he is torn between. He does not let you know until he is there..."The Widmark Look."

The print is shrink-wrapped flat on foam core. Ask me about framing. You can see it framed in my Princeton gallery or I can email photos to you.

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